Catalonia Today podcast. March 2010

Catalonia Today magazine
March 2010
Published monthly in Barcelona. Buy your printed copy on newsstands (or subscribe for only 36 euros/year), and read the articles while you listen.
This is the full podcast with a selection of articles. If you prefer to listen or download the articles one by one, you'll find them in the previous posts, below this one.

Page 9, opinion. "Space cowboys", written and read by Matthew Tree.
Page 11, opinion. "Why I kissed the postmistress", written and read by Martin Kirby.
Page 62, opinion. "A slap in the Facebook", written and read by Neil Stokes.
Page 14, opinion. "Political folly II", written by Joseph Wilson, and read by Alexander Miles.
Page 44, opinion. "The dilemma", written by Martí Ayats, and read by Alexander Miles.
Page 17, feature. "Unity in verse". A selection of poems written and read by Levi Tafari.
Page 10, "Letters to the editor", read by Barbara Leonard.
Page 49, book review. "Past Imperfect", written and read by Terry Parris.
Page 20, international view. "Beware of the Asian giant", by Ramon Rovira, read by Terry Parris.
Page 19, environment. "Montgri Natural Park gets green light", by Oscar Pinilla, read by Barbara Leonard.
Page 18, nuclear debate. "Asco waits on nuclear waste store veredict", read by Barbara Leonard.

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  1. Where are the Levy Tafari poems?