Catalonia Today podcast. February 2010

Catalonia Today magazine
February 2010
Published monthly in Barcelona. Buy your printed copy on newsstands (or subscribe for only 36 euros/year), and read the articles while you listen.
This is the full podcast with a selection of articles. If you prefer to listen or download the articles one by one, you'll find them in the previous posts, below this one.

Page 9, opinion. Before and after, by Matthew Tree, read by himself.
Page 11, opinion. Raspberries to the lot of them, by Martin Kirby, read by himself.
Page 17, news: Barcino tunneller ready for action, read by Terry Parris.
Page 20, Europe-World: Tireless explorers, by Josep Martinoy, read by Terry Parris.
Page 50, music: Running in the rain towards success, by Xavier Castillon, read by Barbara Leonard.
Page 51, books: Dickens, by Terry Parris, read by herself.
Page 62, opinion: What do I know?, by Neil Stokes, read by himself.

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  1. From my computer I can´t hear this. I don´t know why?
    Anyone know what might be my problem?
    Manlleu (osona).

  2. I can't hear it either! Is there any software we need to install?
    Rose (Bcn)